Friday, November 02, 2012

New pediatrician knows lake area well

Physicians to Children of Roanoke opens Smith Mountain Lake office.

The Westlake satellite office for Physicians to Children officially opened its doors Oct. 15. Located in the Westlake Professional Park, the office will offer preventive and acute pediatric services.

"We knew starting out there would be a big demand," said attending pediatrician Adam Sarbin. "You have to know that there is a community to support this office, and so we proceeded."

A graduate of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and the Medical College of Virginia, Sarbin has been a practicing pediatrician for 18 years. He joined Roanoke's Physicians for Children in 1997.

Several patients traveled from the Smith Mountain Lake area to Physicians to Children's Roanoke location, and Sarbin said discussion for a Smith Mountain Lake expansion was several years in the making.

A resident of Franklin County, Sarbin said he was the "obvious choice" to relocate to the new office. "I am familiar with the community and knew there was a growing need. We were in the right position to make this move."

Sarbin, receptionist Krystal Levisy and two rotating registered nurses, Jane LaPrade and Amy Argabright, will staff the office. Sarbin said that there is room for an additional provider to be housed from the location.

Physicians to Children, Inc. 276 Westlake Road, Suite 3, Hardy. 344-9213. Hours: Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.www.physicianstochildren.com