Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Take The Laker With You

See where our readers have taken us on their travels.

We first invited fans of the Smith Mountain Laker to take the magazine with them on their travels in 2006. Since then, the Laker has been to China, Russia, Australia, Italy, South Africa, Norway, Greece, India and dozens of other exciting locations. We now receive so many submissions for "Take the Laker With You" that we simply can't publish them all in the magazine. However,we are pleased we can now hare them online!

Thanks to everyone who has gone to the effort to participate. Information on how you can submit an image for "Take the Laker With You" can be found at the bottom of this page. Keep those photos coming!

Holding the Nov/Dec 2011 issue

Rosemary Traylor, Butch Traylor, Lorne Kaufman, Jennifer Lamanca and Whitney Bowles, Anguilla

Sam and Janette Garst and Susan, Jim, Bradley, Brian, Tyler, Ashley McGuire; Disney

Dave and Laura Pope, Mexico

Ray and Susan Wilson, Italy

Roy and MG Gordon, Florida Keys
Holding the Sept/Oct 2011 issue

Debbi and Jim Mould, Czech Republic

Joe and Pat Vipperman, Antarctica

Barbara and Ken Dice, Eastern Mediterranean

Jerry and Irene Edwards, Austria

Gail and Curtis Young, Colorado

Greg Winn, Cuba

Sue and Al Busch, Yosemite

Tom and Suzanne Monaghan and Sue and Dick Robertson, Ireland

Ann and Peter Coriasco, Tanzania
Holding the July/August 2011 issue

Tandy and Carol Amburgey, West Virginia

Caroline and Ty Young, Monaco

Matt Puzio, China

Larry and Joyce Horne and Sally and Don Roseveare, Scotland
Holding the May/June 2011 issue

Karen Burroughs, Pittsburg

Ron and Daphne Jamison, Chech Republic

Connie and Bob LeMasters, Egypt

Andrew Maus, England

Andy Burford, North Pole, Alaska

Kirby Mills, Sangin, Afghanistan

Cindy and Lars Okeson, Prince Edward Island, Canada

Diane Richardson, Lisa Marie Murray, Sarah Draper, Molly Anderson, Tommy O'Neil, Virginia Crabtree and Mark Crabtree, Consuegra, Spain

Deanna Cebulash and Philip Sheridan, Peru
Holding the March/April 2011 issue

C.O. and Margaret Jamison, Arizona

Tai Holbrook and Nicolas Robinson, Washington, D.C.
Holding the Jan/Feb 2011 issue

Jamie and Stephanie Housden, Mexico

Johnny and Becky McCall and Janet and Jim Collins, Hawaii

Leigh Goodwin and Derek Wingo, California
Holding the Nov/Dec 2010 issue
Josh "J-MO" Miller, South Carolina
Ted Sojourner, Mexico City
Carol and Larry Brundege, Chile
Holding the Sept/Oct 2010 issue

Christopher Wiseman, Udairi, Kuwait

Roger and Judy Pells, Kathy and Chuck Cope; Bermuda

Ted and Linda Saunders, Quebec City

Bill and Gale Taylor, Bev and Tom Scott, Quebec City

Steve and Susan Dorr, Flavia, Carol and Ray Traen, Linda and Dave Wilmesher, Italy

Joanna Hudzik and Harold Ingram, Brussels, Belgium

Carols Cadavid, Medellin, Columbia

Dale and Pam Finn, Luang Prabang, Laos
Holding the July/August 2010 issue

Marie and Hannah Campbell, Maine

Tony and Marilyn Cusumano, Curacao

Chuck and Brenda Rowell, Alaska
Holding the May/June 2010 issue
John and Charlene Jones, Paris, France Joanne Hultay, Lisa Laverty and Debi Plafcan with IndyCar driver Sarah Fisher, Indianapolis
Constance and Steve Stoneberg, Alaska

Ellen and Mark White, Harry and Melanie, Sweden

Chad and Christy Secraw, Netherlands
Holding the March/April 2010 issue
Don and Susan Jakob, Quintana Roo, Mexico Bryan and Christian Jennings and Stacy and Steven Davis, St. Thomas Ann and Peter Coriasco, Skoura, Morocco Lynne and Cindy Decker, San Gimignano, Italy Bill and Marsha Ferguson, Bangalore, India

Bev and Fred Waddell

Perry and Linda Adcock, Roby and Jeane Belvins, Chuck and Margaret Davis, Larry and Donna Broomall, Minnis and Louise Ridenour, Budapest

Barbara and Ken Dice, Egypt
Holding the January/February 2010 issue
Dick and Gwen Kruse, Ron and Sara Shackleford, Tom and Nancy Trotter, Carnival in Cozumel Bill and Bobbi Virtue, Keystone, Colorado Dave and Susan Moran, Seattle, Washington Eric & Co. cruise, Mexico Connie and John Anderson, Vieques, Puerto Rico
Steve and Mary Campbell, Israel The McAuley and Cox families Marion Wagner and Jim Bennett, Hawaii

Holding the November/December 2009 issue

Ron and Cheryl Parker, Hawaii Jim Fralin, Argentina Bob and Jean Jordan, Antigua

Holding the September/October 2009 issue

Jim and Fran Bono, Dominican Republic Mary and Steve Campbell, India Lee and Beverly Fusco, Aruba Gary and Carol Noesner, Greece Les and Delores Kuhn and family, New River Train excursion
Rod and Bev Pitta, Key West Kevin and Linda Leap and Georgina and Billy McGrath, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Ken and Alma Mathis, Oregon Ann O'Leary, Finland Wes Williamson, Egypt
Holding the July/August 2009 issue

Roy G.Gignac and family, Memphis, Tennessee Gary and Carol Doninger, St. Petersburg Russia Jim and Gail Ulp, Thousand Islands Tim, Melanie and Courtney Wheeler, Grand Canyon Natalia Andronic, Alexandru Lasco and Margareta Pavlov, Republic of Moldova
Joy and Larry Manning, Clermont, Florida Bob Schulman and Debby Hix , Queen Mary 2 Tom and Betty Lamons, Galapagos Islands

Holding the May/June 2009 issue

Olivia and Phyllis Karavatakis, Egypt Steve Guill and Kelly Camden, Virgin Islands Barry and Linda Bosinger, Venice Vicky Johoske and Salanieta Rasari, Fiji Norb Locke, Steve Miller and Bonnie Locke, Bowling Green, Kentucky
Philip Sheridan and Deanna Cebulash, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania Don and Carolyn Fink, Norway Suzanne and John Beels, Hawaii

Send us your photo!

Take the Laker with you on your next adventure and e-mail us your photo. We especially appreciate it when you include a famous landmark, unusual attraction or stunning scenery in the background. And if you run into someone famous on your travels, be sure to include them, too. Submit to letters@smithmountainlaker.com. Please include complete names of everyone in the photo, where you are from and a few details about your trip.