Friday, October 08, 2010

Real Estate Transfers -- October 8, 2010

Laker Weekly publishes real estate transfers from the Smith Mountain Lake area as a matter of public interest.

Bedford County

John C. and Shannon M. French to Michael R. Smythers, The Cove at Mariners Landing, Lot 10, Section 2, $334,500.

W.H.M. Corporation to John F. Showalter, Bridgewater Bay Condominium, Unit A, Building C-10, Phase 19, $255,000.

Argabright Contractors, Inc. to Gerald J. Savage and R. Elaine Savage, Virginia Ridge, Lot 10, $250,000.

Charles B. and Janice H. Carter Jr. to Walter A. Lucas and Teresa R. Lucas, S.R. 634, Lots 7 & 8, 6.089 acres, $250,000.

Mark J. and Hannah N. Shelton to Carol Lynne Horacek, Mariners Run, Lot 4, $250,000.

W.H.M. Corporation to Warren Blake Woodrum and Richard B. Woodrum, Bridgewater Bay Condominium, Unit C, Building C-10, Phase 19, $225,000.

First Properties, Inc. to Thomas S. O'Farrell et al., Hunters Knoll, Lot 10A, $201,500.

F. Moorman Robertson to Florence Sonceree Harper, S.R. 801, Lot 10, 4.00 acres, $201,000.

Promark Homes, Inc. to Michael M. Rader and Patricia L. Rader, S.R. 24, Tract 1B, 1.00 acre, $158,000.

Franklin County

Phyllis D. Johnson to Peter J. Verhoven and Cynthia C. Verhoven, Windtree Point, Lot 4, $1,200,000.

Nelson Edward and Angela Carter Link to Peter D. Bunten and Amy S. Bunten, The Water's Edge, Lot 160, Section 2, $750,000.

Jonnie R. Williams Sr. to Nelson Edward Link Jr. and Angela C. Link, Golfers Crossing, Lot 20, $735,000.

Robert P. and Sharon H. Lowman III to Luke S. Lambeth and Debar G. Lambeth, Brooks Point #1, Lot 160, $636,000.

National Residential Asset Corp. to John R. Heider and Pamela A. Heider, Lookout Pointe, Lot 9, Section 1, $564,136.

A. Martin and Margaret C. Tilley to Ronald Joe Lipera and Joan Grimm Lipera, The Water's Edge, Island Green Point, Lot 4, Phase II, $395,000.

John and Christy Ann Keenan to David S. Moody Jr. and Dianne D. Moody, Lands End, Lot 5, $385,000.

Branch Banking & Trust Co. to Donald C. Davis, Mary M. Davis and Kim S. Mangold, Bridgewater Pointe Condominium, Unit 504, $345,500.

Christopher J. and Elizabeth M. Dorn to John A. Neville, Beech Meadow, Lots 11 & 12, $261,000.

Branch Banking & Trust Co. to Christopher L. Tschappett and Liena Aries DeVelasco Guallart, Bridgewater Pointe Condominium, Unit 205, $229,500.

John A. Neville to Sean T. McGann and Hala P. Annabi, Walnut Run, Lot 12A, Section 4, $195,000.

Wayne Burris et al. to Kurt Anthony Hoffman and Lisa Marie Hoffman, The Boardwalk, Lot 71, $153,000.