Friday, November 02, 2012

Who is Dave Moran?

You might not know the name Dave Moran just yet, but soon you will, if his friends and family have anything to do about it. A campaign has been launched in a bid to help the 66-year-old lake resident, who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer, become famous.

The idea of the Famous Dave Moran Campaign began earlier this summer at a get-together with friends Clay and Lynn Johnston of Union Hall.

Moran, who lives with wife Sharon in Moneta, asked a favor of Lynn Johnston.

"He said, 'I have one wish that I want you to help me do before I go. I want to be famous. If the Kardashians can be famous, anybody can be famous.' I said, 'You got it, Dave. Whatever it takes, we'll do it,'" Lynn recalled telling her friend. "As you can imagine, this was tugging at my heart strings."

The Johnstons, who have been friends with Moran and his wife, Sharon, for many years, enlisted the help of the Morans' two grown children, Pete Moran and Jessica McClung.

The group recently launched the "Famous Dave - Life's Too Short NOT to be Famous" Twitter account and Facebook fan page. A series of YouTube videos starring Moran also are in the works.

McClung wrote this about her father on the Facebook page: "On the day he (Dave) received his diagnosis, he told his family he has tried throughout his life to be a role model for them and that's the way he will go out of this world as well. He has recently even purchased and wears each and every day rose-colored glasses. That's truly how he sees the world. However, he has also decided that he wants to be famous - like a Make a Wish for a senior. Let's see if we can help Dave achieve his goal!"

McClung said she remembers vividly the day Moran received the news of his diagnosis.

"When I asked him what he truly hoped to gain from all of this, he quickly and simply explained three things, which I see as life lessons for each of us," she said.

Those lessons were to lead by example, to have no red tape (meaning, pay it forward with good deeds and donations without fuss) and to encourage all men to have prostate exams regularly.

Clay Johnston also said he believes his friend has valuable wisdom to share with others.

"What we want to help him convey is that you don't put your head in the sand, but make the best of the cards you've been dealt," he said.

To help promote the cause, Clay has had Moran's face mounted on wooden sticks and passed them out for folks to hold while posing for pictures.

"We've had literally potentially hundreds of contacts, and everybody has seemed to really want to help," said Clay Johnston. "We really want to get him some national exposure, maybe try to get him on one of the talk shows like Ellen DeGeneres or David Letterman."

And judging by the posts that are on the Facebook page, if compliments and well-wishes had healing powers, Dave Moran would have been healed.

"The adjective, famous, means widely known and esteemed," wrote one acquaintance. "Famous is indicative of you Famous Dave Moran! Wishing you well and sending lots of love!"

Another fan posted, "Famous Dave Moran, I have known you and your family for longer than I can remember, you were then and still are today, famous to me ... you guys are the best."

Moran, who still works in radio station management, said that if fame finds him, his message is simple.

"I have prostate cancer, which has metastasized into my pelvis and possibly other areas. It is inoperable and incurable. The treatment, which I am on, could give me a few years, or it may quit working tomorrow," he said.

"Cancer is a terrible thing, and I hope that more men will get tested regularly so they are not in my position. This campaign is not about raising money - only fame - and in the process, I hope more people will realize they have to take cancer seriously."

As for what's next in the campaign to make Moran famous, that's up in the air.

"We're not sure where all this leads," said Clay Johnston, who has sent out press releases to draw the attention of area media. "We're trying to get as much publicity and as many followers as we possibly can."

To follow the Famous Dave Moran Campaign on social media, visit www.facebook.com/FamousDaveMoranFanPage, and on Twitter at www.twitter.com/FamousDaveMoran.

To read more about Dave Moran, visit www.smithmountainlake.com/people/lakerWeekly/wb/253749.