Friday, February 22, 2013

Dave Moran's fame attempt gets boost from comedian

Dave Moran, the 69-year-old Moneta man who is on a quest to become famous, has received help from a well-known comedian. Moran, who was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2012, told his friends last summer that the one thing he wanted to do before he died was to become famous.

Larry the Cable Guy, a comedian who is known for the catchphrase "Git-R-Done," recently saluted Moran by shooting a video as part of the Famous Dave Moran Campaign. The campaign was started by Moran's friends, Clay and Lynn Johnston of Union Hall. The couple and other friends and acquaintances have come up with various ways to help Moran become famous.

Moran will continue to get his name before the public with the formation of Team Famous Dave Moran, which will participate in the Relay for Life on April 19 at William Byrd High School in Vinton.

"I know that by raising funds and walking in the American Cancer Society Relay for Life event, I will help save lives from cancer," Moran said. "This is my opportunity to honor cancer survivors, remember people we have lost and help raise funds for groundbreaking research, information and services for people fighting cancer."

For more informatiion on the Famous Dave Moran Campaign and to view the video made by Larry the Cable Guy, go to www.famousdavemoran.com. To sponsor or make a donation to Moran's team, go to the website, click on Relay for Life and follow the links.