Halesford Harbour Marine and RV Service will be moving later this summer. Work is expected to begin this week on a new location just north of Downtown Moneta on Virginia 122.

The business has been on Kaseys Lakeview Drive just north of Hales Ford Bridge for years. The owners of the property recently sold the parcel, forcing business owner Wendy Royer and her husband, Chris Newton, to find a new location.

Last month, Royer requested a special-use permit to relocate the business to a parcel on Virginia 122 between Lakewatch Drive and Merriman Way Road. The Franklin County Planning Commission voted 6-1 to deny the request.

The commission’s Gills Creek District representative James Colby said the location didn’t fit in with the comprehensive plan for the Westlake and Hales Ford area. The area is listed on the comprehensive plan as residential.

Newton, general manager for the business, said he was disappointed by the decision. “We had a lot of money tied up in that project,” he said.

Surveys, plans and appraisals for Franklin County cost them thousands only to be turned down. Despite the setback, Newton said they immediately began work to find another location after the planning commission’s decision.

Royer and Newton recently purchased the 4.7-acre parcel in Bedford County just north of Downtown Moneta. Newton said they will be placing a prefabricated building on the property that will allow them to quickly get the business moved.

Because the property is zoned for commercial use, Newton said there was no need to apply for a special-use permit from Bedford County.

Plans are to have the business moved by the end of June. Newton said the new site will serve the same purpose as the old one, and they will continue to offer the same products and services.

“We will be doing the exact same thing we do here,” he said.