Bedford County

Bedford CountyElizabeth A. Cook to John R. and Pamela Matz, 1000 block of Fairview Church Road, March 8, Lakes District, $760,000.

Hopetree Property Holdings LLC to CRISIS Response International, remainder of 86.557 acres, Camp Jaycee Road, March 8, Blue Ridge District, $610,000.

Donna C. and Robert P. Bailey Jr. to Todd C. and Michele S. Fields, lot 4, section 8, High Point, March 8, Lakes District, $535,000.

Andrew P. Hurta Jr. and Nancy L. Daly to Gary Stephen Dickinson and Danielle Marie Dickinson, lot 23, section II, Lakefield, March 6, Lakes District, $240,900.

Christopher W. Roberts to Daniel D. Beason, 4000 block of Stony Fork Road, March 6, Lakes District, $128,000.

Sportsmen Hunting Club LLC to Steven M. Vause, lots 42, Sportsman’s Point Subdivision, March 6, Lakes District, $87,000.

Jordantown Wesleyan Church Inc. to New Beginnings of Vinton, 1000 block of Wilford Hollow Road, 5410 Jordantown Road and one additional parcel, March 8, Blue Ridge District, $33,500.

Franklin County

Vanetta Beckman to Christopher S. Boone, lot 22, section 2, Riverbay, Feb. 1, $775,000.

Arrow Lane LLC to Douglas J. Pence, lot 12, Indian Pointe, Feb. 25, $475,000.

Michael J. Burzynski to James R. Adair, unit 213, building 200, phase 2, Gangplank Pointe, Feb. 14, $379,500.

Guy L. Bodemer to Ernest L. Hensdill, lot 3, section 6, Bluewater Bay, Feb. 20, $365,000.

Sandra K. Beeman to Warren P. Reger, lot 11, Merriman Cove, Feb. 28, $300,000.

James R. Adair to David J. Cooke, unit 206, building 200, phase 2, Gangplank Pointe, Feb. 13, $265,000.

Brian L. Camper to David G. Sult, unit 121, phase 3, Shoreline Marina, Feb. 25, $237,425.