Appalachian Power has introduced the first two in series of commercials running in Virginia, West Virginia and Tennessee demonstrating how they work to serve the community and customers in addition to producing energy.

One of the new commercials features Smith Mountain Dam and several hydro operations employees who work there. In the 30-second advertisement, employees discuss how the dam creates clean energy that serves the community. They also explain how the lake community and economy grew out of the creation of the dam in the 1960s.

Kenny Morrison, maintenance supervisor at the Smith Mountain Dam, and Mearl Witcher, hydro mechanic, both speak briefly in the advertisement about Smith Mountain Dam and how it has contributed to the community. Hydro mechanic Sam Feritta is also featured working inside the dam.

The 30-second spot was filmed earlier this year in June, said John Shepelwich, Appalachian Power spokesman. Production company The Shipyard based out of Columbus, Ohio filmed over a weekend for the commercial.

“We did a full day of shooting with Kenny, Mearl and Sam,” Shepelwich said.

In addition to the interviews, the advertisement features several shots of the inside and outside of the dam. Many of the outside shots of the dam were filmed using a drone, Shepelwich said.

Smith Mountain Dam is the only hydro project featured in the series of commercials. Shepelwich said the dam is Appalachian Power’s largest hydro operation and the ad will be a way for the company to show what they do to not only local residents, but also people who know and visit the lake.

This is the second advertisement introduced in the series. The first one, introduced in September, featured Appalachian Power’s Read to Me Day. During the annual event held each year since 2001, Appalachian Power employees visit area elementary school and read to students.

Shepelwich said two more advertisements will be coming in the future as part of the series. The ads can be seen and heard on television, social media, digital media and Pandora radio.