Franklin County public hearing signs

Franklin County approved new signs to be placed on properties where land-use requests have been made to inform residents of upcoming public hearings.

Franklin County recently changed the design and posting requirements for the public notice signs that are required to be displayed on properties being considered for a rezoning, special-use permit or variance.

Virginia law requires that public hearings that have been scheduled for these types of land use requests be advertised in newspapers and have first-class letters sent to adjacent property owners. Many Virginia communities, including Franklin County, also require that public notice signs be displayed on properties proposed for public hearings to ensure residents are informed of land-use requests that are proposed for their neighborhoods.

Before adopting the new signs, Franklin County prepared the signs and provided them to applicants to post at least 14 days before the scheduled public hearings.

The previous signs were made of thin cardboard, were single use and were often damaged or destroyed.

The new signs are made of plastic-like material, supported in metal frames and are reusable. Franklin County’s Department of Planning and Community Development will post the signs and retrieve them after the public hearings.

The signs contain generic information and a telephone number to call for more information about the land-use request. Information about the hearings also is available at

For more information about the new signs, contact Terrance Harrington at 352-5720.