Bedford County Parks and Recreation and the Rotary Club of Smith Mountain Lake held a grand opening for the revamped disc golf course at Moneta Park on April 23.

More than $10,000 in grants and donations were allocated for renovation of the course that started late last year.

Jim Hosch with the Roanoke Disc Golf Club provided demonstrations at the grand opening, showcasing several of the discs that are used, along with a description of how the game is played.

Similar to golf, the sport is played over a series of holes. Hosch said there are a wide variety of discs used in the sport.

Beginner players typically use only three discs — one for long range, another for mid-range and one for short distances, Hosch said. The number of discs can grow as one gets more involved with the sport.

The object of the game is to to hit the sink the disc into a basket in as few attempts as possible.

The game is relatively inexpensive — there is no cost to play at the Moneta Park disc golf course and the cost for a beginner set of discs retails for less than $20.

“You are going to have fun the first time you play,” Hosch said at the grand opening.

Monta Park’s disc golf course, first built in 2012, originally consisted of only nine holes. In 2017, Bedford Parks and Recreation expanded the course to 18 holes.

Last year the Rotary Club of SML installed red baskets at each hole. The red baskets are closer and easier to play while white baskets are farther away and require more skill to play.

New concrete tee pads also were installed by Bedford County Parks and Recreation and the Rotary Club of SML.

“It’s worked out great,” Kenny Palmer, operations coordinator for Bedford County Parks and Recreation, said of the project. “We couldn’t be happier.”

The course held its first tournament on Feb. 9 when it hosted the fourth annual Roanoke Disc Golf Ice Bowl, a C-tier sanctioned, Professional Disc Golf Association event.

Plans are to hold another tournament next year, possibly in the spring, according to Steve Miller of the Rotary Club of SML. Until then, Miller said he wants to invite residents to visit the park and experience the game for themselves.