Charles Poindexter

Del. Charles Poindexter was the featured speaker at an April 3 meeting of the Smith Mountain Lake Republicans.

Smith Mountain Lake Republicans met at The Westlake on April 3 to discuss the upcoming election.

Incoming chairperson Marilyn Osborne Bach moderated the meeting. Growth of the group was the focus of her opening remarks. Members were encouraged to seek out more people to join the group.

The Republican primary will be June 12, and literature was distributed with biographies of candidates Nick Freitas, Pastor E.W. Jackson and Corey Stewart who will be on the ballot for the primary election that will select the candidate to run against U.S. Sen. Tim Kaine this fall.

Guest speaker was Del. Charles Poindexter who discussed how the expansion of Medicaid to cover single adults ages 18 to 64 will likely become Virginia law with no substantive requirement to seek work included.

In the event that the federal government ceases to fund Medicaid expansion going forward, Poindexter said Virginia could face a continuing annual liability of up to $400 million to sustain the program.

He said currently proposed legislation would fund the states’ cost of Medicaid expansion by imposing a special tax on hospitals, which will raise the cost of health care and health insurance for those who pay for their own.

Poindexter’s other concern was out-of-state funding that he said is skewing local politics and diminishing local control of Virginia’s government.

The next meeting of SML Republicans will be May 1 at 11 a.m. at The Westlake.