John Hinkell will promote policies that will benefit the Union Hall District of Franklin County. He has the skills to ensure that our tax dollars are spent efficiently. His core principles of a sound fiscal policy, low taxation, government transparency, infrastructure improvements, comprehensive public safety and career technical training and SML environmental quality are all needed to build a prosperous community. John is a 27-year Army veteran with various degrees in public administration and work experience with major companies.

John has enthusiastically met with county officials and our volunteer firefighters to better understand their needs. In the last four years there has been much talk about a new trash collection site, Union Hall/Southlake water, Turtle Hill Public Safety Station, capital improvement projects and the Union Hall village plan. Our current representative has not taken any action on these projects except the Turtle Hill Public Safety Station, whose location was opposed by many of us.

We need everyone to vote in this election if we are to make a difference in the governance of our county. I believe that John can do the job and will enthusiastically promote our interests on the board.

Clark Childers