I support Lorie Smith for supervisor of Franklin County representing the Gills Creek District. She has the experience, political skills and desire to have a positive impact on the economic future of both Franklin County and the Gills Creek District.

As a resident of the Gills Creek District for the past six years, I share the frustration that many others have regarding Franklin County government’s lack of interest in enhancing what has been for several decades an economic gold mine for the county. In spite of the fact that the retiree population at Smith Mountain Lake contributes about $2 for every dollar of county services used and over 60% of the county’s annual budget through property taxes, little has been invested to keep the lake region economically healthy and growing.

Lorie Smith can turn this situation around. I have worked with her on a number of community efforts and have been impressed with the impact of her efforts. I urge you to make Lorie Smith the next supervisor for the Gills Creek district.

Jim Laseter