I am writing to express my support for Lorie Smith for Gills Creek Supervisor in Franklin County.

I have had the privilege of working with Lorie over the past four or five years as a director on the board of Smith Mountain Lake Center. In this capacity, Lorie has distinguished herself as someone with demonstrable experience in all aspects of government, both local and state. She has provided invaluable leadership and guidance as we have worked to partner with our local government to accomplish the center’s goals.

Lorie is fair-minded, deliberate and insightful in her approach to problem solving. Her advocacy for our community is well known, as evidenced by the depth of her community service. She brings passion and clear thinking to issues currently facing not only Gills Creek, but all of Franklin County. Her knowledge, coupled with her optimism, will guarantee positive outcomes on all important issues facing Gills Creek residents.

Join me in voting for Lorie Smith. As our representative, she will work hard to advance our common interests and quality of life.

Trish England