swoco fire academy 12 grads 030714

Front row (from left): Elizabeth Boyer (Hollins), Kelsey Casteel (Hollins), Hunter Creasy (Bedford County), Spenser Duncan (Fort Lewis), Duncan Elston (Hollins), Scott L. McCoy (Read Mountain), Zachary S. Miller (Bedford County *). Back row (from left): Christian P. Morris (Bedford County *), Esber F. Nassif (Cave Spring), Bryce Pappas (Back Creek), Jacob O. Platt (Hollins), Jared Reynolds (Cave Spring), Jocelyn S. Simpson  (Cave Spring), Brian A. Sykes (Read Mountain). Photo courtesy of Jennifer Conley Sexton

The 12th Roanoke County Volunteer Fire Academy consisting of 11 graduates from Roanoke County and three from Bedford County concluded March 5 with a graduation ceremony.

The graduation program was held at the Roanoke County-South County Library. Roanoke County Fire & Rescue Chief Richard E. Burch, Jr., along with 10 Roanoke County volunteer community district fire chiefs, was joined by Roanoke County officials, as well as families of the graduates at this exciting event where each volunteer was pinned with their firefighter badge.

The 14 graduates spent 20 weeks and more than 200 hours receiving instruction and practical training in the areas of basic firefighting skills including building construction, forcible entry, ventilation, search and rescue, basic emergency care and hazardous material operations. The academy ended with a live-burn at the Roanoke Valley Regional Fire & EMS Training Center where recruits were able to test their practical skills.

The Roanoke County Volunteer Fire Academy is offered each year starting in September. The class is offered for all new Roanoke County fire volunteers who serve at one of the 10 volunteer fire companies throughout the county. If space is available, volunteers from other localities are permitted to participate for a small fee. Anyone wanting more information about becoming a volunteer firefighter with Roanoke County should call Jennifer Conley Sexton at 777-8706.

Fire Academy No. 12 participants and their stations are:

  • Elizabeth Boyer, Hollins
  • Kelsey Casteel, Hollins
  • Hunter Creasy, Bedford County *
  • Spenser Duncan, Fort Lewis
  • Duncan Elston, Hollins
  • Scott L. McCoy, Read Mountain
  • Zachary S. Miller, Bedford County *
  • Christian P. Morris, Bedford County *
  • Esber F. Nassif, Cave Spring
  • Bryce Pappas, Back Creek
  • Jacob O. Platt, Hollins
  • Jared Reynolds, Cave Spring
  • Jocelyn S. Simpson, Cave Spring
  • Brian A. Sykes, Read Mountain

Submitted by Jennifer Conley Sexton