Several months ago, I saw that Bedford County residents would be able to get high speed Internet service through Comcast. We became excited that everyone in the county would be able to access the Internet when the project was finished. My understanding was that Bedford County received a grant to bring Internet access to the rural areas. The county supervisors gave the impression that everyone who wanted access would be able to get it without hookup fees.

Over a year later, we still have no Internet access, though neighbors do. Comcast ran wires down our road, but stopped less than 100 yards from our house. After a field survey was done, Comcast wanted to charge us $3,000 to run wires to our house from the last pole they set for our neighbor’s house.

We have two kids in school who need Internet access for homework, especially during this pandemic while schools are closed. Our children are being shortchanged in their education because we live a couple of hundred feet too far down the road. How can this be fair? Why are our kids not being given equal opportunities to education?

This needs to be fixed.

Jeff Hart